Saturday, December 22, 2012

Here We Are!

Yeah, here it is, December 22 - 2012.  So....the Earth didn't get hit with a meteor, it didn't collapse or fall into the sun, we weren't over-run with the Zombie Apocolypse, so what happened?

I'll tell ya what happened... absolutely nothing, nada, zip, zilch.  Big surprise right?  No calendar is gonna tell ya when the world is gonna end.  The sun rose Dec.21st and went down without incident. 

Our time on this planet is short to begin with, so why buy into all the hype?  It's all bull if you ask me.  People have been predicting the end of time since... well, the beginning of time, honestly.

That's why, when I hear crap like that, I pretty much just do nothing about it.  It's not worth worrying about, I live my life and enjoy each minute that I am given.   As everyone should.


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