Saturday, December 8, 2012

Then & Now: Animation

I'm not gonna entirely bash what we have in the present right now.  Given the chance though, I'd so go back to the 80s.   The music, in my opinion, was better.  Television, forget about it, quality programming there.  Yes, I'm an 80s child, I actually grew up during that generation.  Let me throw you a couple of examples okay.. first of all:

Saturday Morning Cartoons, what happened?  They're practically non-existent anymore, unless of course you have cable and then.. well it's a crap shoot.  Here.. this is what I grew up with:

Most of these shows ran for many years.  The animation was slick, the storylines were a lot of fun, and really worth watching.

Here's what we're stuck with today:

What can I say about this mess?  Really?  Animation sucks, it's just plain lazy and cookie cutter.  I have a lot of other examples to go on, but these hold the worst of the worst for me.

Y'all may have different opinions on what you like and don't like.  This was just my opinion.  It also shows just how lazy some people can be.  My advice to future animators, look to those great artists of the past.  You may find that they have a lot to offer, it may take a little longer to hone your craft, but let me say this, it will work out in the long run, and not be another cutting room floor reject.


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